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Qaseem Poems


Come In The Rain
Insipid young dreamer
The aftertaste's a bitch
When nobody loves you
But everyone can see
The rumble
The roll-down
Of each falling star
That litter the limelight
Of cheek after... more

Poet: Gregory James


My heart stops at the ring of the phone

You've called me to say, you feel all alone

Your hands are trembling, a blade to your arm

I quietly talk you out, of causing yourself harm

Remember... more

Poet: Kate Rowland


Boys Stink
another school day

in a detention chair

just because i kicked

and pulled a boy's hair

my parents are coming

my dad will be mad

'boys have sensitive parts'

that's what he always... more

Poet: Patricia J Reed


Star Gazers
Far away on a distant world
in the dark of night.
Upon the crest of a grassy knoll
he gazes at the heavenly lights.
With wonder, he watches,
as they twinkle like diamonds in the sky.
They bring... more

Poet: Charles M Harrison


An Evening With You
sure but subtle
the music infiltrates through the barriers
that confine the most precious of memories
to release them
and expose them
in their grandest nakedness

bequeathed by concern
they... more

Poet: Byron D Baxter


Fifteen men on the Dead Man's Chest
Fifteen men on the Dead Man's Chest
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
Drink and the devil had done for the rest
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

Poet: Robert Louis Stevenson


Bed Time

oh the wail of the tired child
distracted all day by rain
capricious puddle jumping
early evening
examining every soaked leaf
and scattered twig

resisting pajamas
with a wriggly... more

Poet: Agnes Eva


Blissful Innocence
Tonight I watched my son as he slept
So angelic and calm
Not weighted with the troubles of the world
Not trying to find or keep a job in these tough times
Not having to stretch a paycheck or keep... more

Poet: Robert G Collins


daniel is the youngest of four children. sometimes he wishes he could fly...

and if he could, he'd stay up there,
and not return for forty years.

he thinks he'd be better off.

daniel's... more

Poet: Indigo Tempesta


A Mistress's Repentance From The Grave
Every chance, every glance
I received from you
filled me with fantastic thrills
I derived sick pleasure in seeing you squirm
Now that we are both long and gone
and I've had time to think
I... more

Poet: Melina Raven Maness Diebold